PodHUBie celebrates its one-year birthday on the Solstice

PodHUBie celebrates its one-year birthday. A year ago, we met in Nucleo – Jadierko in Stupava and shared insights on how we can best respond to the Anthropocene realities we face. The creatively intellectual circling was then replaced by a solstice concert by Mirka Kroner and Ondrej Krizan, where we enjoyed their work and that of Nessi Gomes, who was the opening act for the concert.

The first year is over and we are taking stock. One way we can respond to the unprecedented mining of attention and information about us is by creating spaces for symbiotic sharing. The most important thing is to create and cultivate their local activities but in this day and age we don’t “move” without supra-local connections. This is what Nature’s wellbeingDAR mycelia network enables, and we wish we could do this among HUBs and people who care about us having a good time on a shared planet.

which connects us
It connects us to nature and to our nature, it connects us to each other and to our groupings – HUBs.
It enables us to co-create new HUBs and support existing HUBs, enabling us to live our lives and share our hobbies fully and symbiotically. It allows us to safely share our skills and talents, thereby supporting the life and health of us all. Connects us by supporting and enriching our resilience and diversity.

So we illustrate and offer the possibility of how it is possible to disconnect from profit-mining companies for our attention, and direct our attention to symbiotic goals.
Symbiotically, we offer know how – a manual to create your own decentralized instance. (Creating a lowcost server to connect to the fediverse with minimal electricity consumption for about 150 euros on HW plus internet access).

We offer to participate in the β-testing of our subHUB instance, allowing you to create a profile for your HUB or person and get to know and navigate the Pleroma and Fediverse environment.
Make contacts and other HUBs and friends in the fediverse subHUB. In the next year we would like to try testing the involvement of a reputation system (suitable for your social and corporate HUBs) and you can already try the friendly “Rovas” system with us today.

We’d like to create something of a new – symbiotic paradigm for supportively linking and maintaining connections and relationships. Through experience, we have co-creatively put together a service where we care for each other. We don’t foster (non-binding) easily replaceable relationships and connections where we don’t care about our co-participants. We are creating a ministry – a medium in which each of us will be cared for.

Our vision is to (co)create a Symbiotic World that will (one day) enable the end of the Anthropocene.
Our Mission is to bring the hope of a supportive, symBIOtic future!
Our Purpose, Our Meaning, Our Reason is to change how hard we find it to look at the senseless destruction of the planet and life (for the benefit of a minority). We intend to change that.
Our Purpose is to Support groups of people and individuals in their collective efforts to improve the conditions of life where they operate.

By helping to define a starting local Vision and Goals.
By supporting them to organise their first meetings.
By giving lectures and installing media.
By taking care of the sub-HUB medium and the relationships within it.
Assistance in creating their own instance.
Assistance in understanding community processes (through the council, TCB, festival).
Assistance in understanding world Symbocene processes and relationships.

PodHUBie and planetA.earth wishes you a wonderful Solstice and Christmas!

PF symBIOtic 2024!